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Certifications for transportation and logistics

Certifications guaranteeing compliance with international transportation 
procedures and a certain quality of service.

International air freight


Having an IATA certification (International Air Transport Association)
implies compliance with transportation procedures 
(packing, tagging, compliance with regulatory procedures).

FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations) 
represents the interests of freight agencies with IATA 
and contributes to the development of the industry.

Organisation of logistics
and transportation


Issued by the AFAQ, this certification commits us to adopting and 
complying with a systematic approach to managing the processes 
aimed at constantly supplying quality products and services to 
our customers.

Customs operations

The Authorised Economic Operator certificate (OEA in French) 
indicates that the company meets all the criteria enabling it to
obtain the "customs simplifications" certificate, among others,
allowing us to speed up the customs traffic and consequently, 
decrease the time and costs of customs procedures.

Security of transactions


TMT adheres to the professional code of conduct by IACSP 
((International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals), 
aiming to secure international transactions when faced with the threat of terrorism.
International trade

Commerce international

Certificate of registration for China:

obtained when setting up the TMT subsidiary in Shanghai in China.