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Logistics and transportation of goods: 
TMT’s 6 commitments


Transporting your goods for import or export
while protecting your financial interests and 
optimising your commercial interests
requires the adherence of all our associates
to a charter of commitments.
Investing along with our customers to set up 
logistics solutions for transportation,so as to support 
their most technically advanced projects in terms of
securing the operation. This is done in order to 
ensure the integrity of the goods.

Upgrading the expertise and experience 
in the company

The service quality of the transportation forwarder 
has to remain consistent and requires integration, 
training, organisation and sharing of expertise and 
experiences with the teams responsible; these things
are directed toward the customers’ satisfaction and
in turn, the success of the company.

Paying attention to technical quality and innovation
Investing in technical equipment to secure 
all types of packing and transportation of goods 
in any situation, while respecting the integrity 
of your products.

Ensuring impartiality in our decisions
Choosing between transportation modes and 
companies, ports for loading and unloading,
places for stocking and storage; 
these decisions are made independently and 
without any obligations from an airline 
or shipping company. 
Inspections, expertise and guidance 
are the essential functions of our activities 
and shall continue to remain our objectives, 
irrespective of the situation.

Working in transparency
We wish to maintain a high level of service that 
involves complete transparency with our customers 
and suppliers. It is the responsibility of all our 
associates to maintain a responsible dialogue with 
their representatives, in order to develop and 
strengthen the bonds of trust that we maintain 
with our customers and suppliers.

Respecting the environment
Every day, our responsible actions contribute to saving
energy and protecting the environment a little more. 
We practice environmental responsibility by choosing 
the most economic and least polluting modes of transportation 
and along with that, by committing to the reduction of 
paper usage, energy consumption, etc. within the company.