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TMT: History 

A small company that started off as a specialist in sea transportation 
and is now an international expert SME in all modes of transportation, 
including air and intermodal, and a registered customs forwarding agent.

Establishment of TMT
- A limited liability company with a capital of 50,000 FRF
- 1 office in France
- Sea transportation
  of paper and intermodal
Increase in capital
- A limited company with 
  a capital of 1,100,000 FRF
- 1 office in France
Setting up of 
customs operations

- Setting up of HTM, a
  wholly-owned subsidiary
  of TMT specialising
  in customs services.
- 2 offices in France
Setting up the first
overseas subsidiary

- TMT USA in Nashua
  to take care of 
  shipment tracking
Development of 
new operations

- The first customs
  storage warehouse
  opened in Le Havre
- Initiation of air services
  in Roissy-en-France for
  air transportation
Creating the first 
industry-specific expertise
in China

- Launching of the Wine
  Protect range (for transporting 
  wines and spirits)
- Establishment of TMT
- Started the NVOCC
  FFB Line
- Encompassing the entire
* Customs
* Air
* Sea
Development of industry-specific  expertise
- Agri-food
- Chemical and
  regulated products 
- Forestry products
- Wines and spirits
- Textiles & toys
- Integration of the HTM
  subsidiary with TMT
- 9 branches in France
New perspectives
- Starting a sales office
  of TMT USA Houston
- Extending our
  logistic resources
- Strengthening our
  industry-specific expertise
- Supporting SFN and IFLN