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transport maritime

TMT: An international freight forwarder 

TMT is a B to B international freight forwarder and a registered customs forwarding agent, 
established in 1990. Its head office is located in Marne-La-Vallée in the Parisian region.

International operator for all modes of transport 

Originally specialising in sea freight 
transportation of paper, TMT gradually 
moved on to international air transportation 
and intermodal transportation.

Freight forwarder with industry-specific expertise

In addition to starting off as a forwarder for all modes 
industry-specific of transport,
, the company has extended 
its expertise to freight services for forestry products, 
wines and spirits, chemical and regulated products, 
glassware and more recently, freights for food-processing 
products, mechanical and industrial products, textiles and toys.
Transportation services for imports and exports

Gradually, TMT is expanding internationally through 
subsidiaries and a network of agents (SFN, IFLN),
thereby offering services for imports as well as exports.

Registered customs forwarding agent

TMT is also a registered customs forwarding agent 
that ensures all customs clearance formalities from 
its centralised customs clearance platform in Le Havre.

TMT strengths :
+ A flexible organisation, capable of responding quickly
+ A body of shareholders that promotes well-planned
development and numerous innovations
+ A people-oriented company that is constantly attentive
to its clients