> New tracking & tracing tool: ergonomic, comprehensive and customised design

> Forest product industry :
TMT a specialist of transport of products with low value-added

>> Chartering : special edition
Interview with Malko Garlain, Branch Manager of Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Regulated Products :
The new challenge faced
by the forwarding agent 






> Distribution of spirits
in the United States :
what you need to know



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Transport of last mile goods: 
effectively managing time and costs  


TMT offers services adapted from the first to the last mile, 
in accordance with Incoterms and your special conditions of sale.

Last mile transportation and logistics: TMT’s strengths 

• Powerful logistics: storage, handling, repackaging, tracking of packages
• Cost management of the last mile
• Means of transport adapted to the management of the last mile
• Small trucks equipped with tailgates (taxi-trucks)
• Specialist in door-to-door deliveries
• A flexible and responsive structure to manage your customised projects
• Quantity and quality audits and checks of your goods