> New tracking & tracing tool: ergonomic, comprehensive and customised design

> Forest product industry :
TMT a specialist of transport of products with low value-added

>> Chartering : special edition
Interview with Malko Garlain, Branch Manager of Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Regulated Products :
The new challenge faced
by the forwarding agent 






> Distribution of spirits
in the United States :
what you need to know



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tansport de produits mécaniques et industriels


Transport of spare parts 
for all types of industrial products  


For the transport of spare parts and industrial supplies, 
TMT offers logistical and transportation solutions adapted to your time requirements
and the management of your just-in-time inventory.


Expertise in air transport:

Air transport is most often recommended as part of
   deliveries requiring perfect time management 
  (delivery of specific parts as part of maintenance) 

• Shipments in less than 24 hours are offered from
   all French airports to numerous destinations.

• Re-packaging of products in our warehouses



• High number of charter solutions in partnership
  with the leading companies.

• Management of all transport formalities :
  air bills, customs declarations.

• Intermodal solutions:
  pre-carriage, transport, post-carriage




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