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> Forest product industry :
TMT a specialist of transport of products with low value-added

>> Chartering : special edition
Interview with Malko Garlain, Branch Manager of Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Regulated Products :
The new challenge faced
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transport multimodal


Multimodal transport (combined transport)

Combining modes of transport for freight: 
waterways, road, rail.

An alternative to the “all road” option, more eco-friendly and often cheaper,  
combined transport is one of the modes of transport that may help to fully overcome
new constraints, including those relating to environmental rules & regulations protection.


Transport by air, land, sea and rail: TMT’s strengths

+ Expertise in international transport by land, river and rail
+ State of the art Warehousing services at our
   and our partners sites
+ Agreements with major loaders
+ DEconomical and environmentally friendly solutions
+ Full management of the service provided

Combined transport: our services

Combined transport

• Rail-road, barge-road

River transport
• Cereals, bulk or dangerous products, out of gage products



Road transport
Conventional (curtain-sider trailer, van, Joloda,
  trailer, bulk trucks, truck with tailgate) for bulk or 
  packaged goods (pallets, cartons) intended for all destinations. 
Containers (chassis for 20 'and 40', tilting chassis,
   chassis equipped with generator or rotary valves)
• Import and export positioning for all destinations.
Tank (hazardous or non-hazardous chemical liquid and food)
   for all destinations.
Express  ((all volumes and weights) for all destinations.
• Chartering of all types.