> New tracking & tracing tool: ergonomic, comprehensive and customised design

> Forest product industry :
TMT a specialist of transport of products with low value-added

>> Chartering : special edition
Interview with Malko Garlain, Branch Manager of Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Regulated Products :
The new challenge faced
by the forwarding agent 






> Distribution of spirits
in the United States :
what you need to know



Tradeshows Calendar 2018


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Partners for transportation and logistics

Certifications guaranteeing compliance with international transportation
procedures and a certain quality of service.


International networks
of freight agencies






The IFLN Group is dedicated to the provision of logistics services

Specialist Freight Networks encompasses a network of international agencies 
that specialise in the transportation of goods 
and meet the same criteria of expertise required for the modes 
of transportation and transporting the goods.


 International freight organization providing air, ground an marine logistics outfits




 Network dedicated to forest products logistics






 Importeur of record / USA temporaly Back office